?AMA Recap August 26th 2022?

Luke Do: AMA will start soon. Get ready guys!
We will be locking the room for messages in a while
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Mamacita Super:Hello everyone


Luke Do: @chiquilita Hello

Mamacita Super: I am here, ready!!!


Luke Do: Welcome everyone.

Mamacita Super: thank you @lukedo6868 and welcome everybody


Luke Do: My name is Luke, CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER of Grandemy. I am  delighted to be hosting the AMA of Grandemy today.

Mamacita Super: Our speaker is our CEO from Grandemy: COLINA Q TRAN @chiquilita


Luke Do: How are you Colina?

Mamacita Super: I am good today, from Bali, Luke! Thank you very much! How about you and your team?


Luke Do: We are good. Thank you ?

Awesome! It’s great to have you here with us.

Let’s start Segment 1 now with information provided from Colina.

Are you ready? @chiquilita


Mamacita Super: yes i am

glad to hear so!


Luke Do: So, without making a delay Let’s start our AMA with basic introduction ?

Don’t forget to type “DONE” ✅ after your answer ?

Mamacita Super: okay noted!

lets do it!


Luke Do: Okay. Let’s go

Q1. Could you please introduce yourself and Grandemy in details?

Mamacita Super: sure! 

My name is Colina Q – Founder / CEO of Grandemy. I am a serial entrepreneur, my first startup is a marketing, entertainment and media company in Vietnam. It’s a 100USD startup (I set it up 5 years ago when I had only 100USD in my pocket). 

Grandemy is my second startup: the first web3 community of artists & friends. First offers mental health support to Artist network, then they will return to be part of the solution through personalized learning and healthcare, together with Grandemy healing every human being on earth.



Luke Do:Thank you


Q2. What’s the motivation for starting Grandemy?

Mamacita Super: thanks to you and all audience! :))


let me share the motto why I started Grandemy


Luke Do: Yes

Mamacita Super: So, I am a book author, and script writer, i do creative work in show biz before, but I got severe depression which put me in mental hospital for 21 days, I got out but 2 years after that it turned to bipolar disorder, another 10 days in rehab. 10 years already i am still under medication.

But by combining among my science background (I studied microbiology at Uni) + my experiences + my creative mind, I could somehow cope with my condition


I have mental problems but I am considered a mentally strong person! I run 3 companies in 6 countries, biz world with lots of challenges, I survive



My goal and that of Grandemy is

– Healing artists and help artists make positive impact to the world. After artists, we will help entrepreneurs/startup founders. To us, these two important groups can change the world for the better.

– Ultimately, we will help everybody on earth improve their mental wellness and mental strength


With blockchain technology, we want to create the first decentralized solution for mental wellness, combining:


Mental Health Expertise

Artist Networks & Communities




sorry guys that the internet here in Bali sometimes not stable!


Luke Do: This part is very impressive!

Mamacita Super: thank u Luke!!!


I think this is valuable information that can help to motivate the community of Grandemy


Luke Do: Yes, I think people will understand. No problem


Thank you Colina

Mamacita Super: I hope so too!


Luke Do: Q3. Can you share info about the total supply of GRANDE token & tokenomics distribution?

Mamacita Super: sure!

sharing now


Founders & team: 10%

Operation & Marketing: 15%

Product Development: 18%

Community Development: 8%, including 1% for Airdrop

Private sales: 15%

Public Sales / IDO: 3%

Liquidity: 10%


Total supply of Grande tokens is: 1B (1,000,000,000) Grande, will be distributed as this percentage:


please feel free to check these details from our whitepaper on Grandemy’s official website: https://grande.grandemy.space/


here on docsend fyi: Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/view/gheu4j8ge329qtyf 



Luke Do:  Great!

A lot of progress has been made with Grandemy

Mamacita Super:  we have been working hard for more than 1 year!!1

it’s the hard work from our team :))


Luke Do: Yeah

Q4. What are the future targets for Grandemy? Can you tell us about your upcoming roadmap?

Mamacita Super: of course! glad to share Grandemy roandmap to all


We are on our track to build an artist community. 

In Q4, 2022, we will launch 


– “share to earn” & “care to earn” module

– Launch Reward NFT

– Help artists to promote their NFT on Grandemy’s Artist Zone


We are testing Grandemy beta mobile app: both on Android and iOS phones

Next year 2023, we will promote personalized lessons and treatment


We all will ultimately become a part of metaverse! Grandemy is the same!



Luke Do:Very detailed explanation!

Mamacita Super: thanks!


Luke Do: Last question of Segment 1

Q5. Where can we find out more about Grandemy? Can you share us all your social media links?

Mamacita Super: okay, let me answer it to you and our community

You can check out Grandemy web app, website and social networks, all listed on linktr.ee: https://linktr.ee/grandeacademy


I could list out here fyi


Here are all links for you again:


Linktree: https://linktr.ee/grandeacademy

Website: https://grande.grandemy.space/ (https://grandemy.space/)  

Platform: https://grandemy.me/home/ (https://grandemy.me/home/colinamamacita) 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/grandeacademy

Twitter: https://twitter.com/grandes_academy

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/grande.grandemy/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/grande-academy-the-infinity-lesson/



Luke Do:Isn’t this amazing?

Thank you Colina

Thanks a lot for answering questions from the host.?

Now moving to our next segment

It’s now time to take questions from our Twitter community



Mamacita Super:yes, I am! Was born ready!! 🙂


Luke Do: Q1. Your vision and mission are good, according to the website. However, it requires a significant amount of user traffic to be long-term viable. What marketing plan do you have in place to boost the credibility of your project’s brand and enhance mainstream adoption ? From @Shakila09715551

Mamacita Super: Thank to @Shakila09715551 (https://t.me/Shakila09715551) for the question!


Our key methods for Go To Market/marketing are:


– Influencer industry

– Creator Economy


Grandemy’s unique branding / marketing plan will have these key directions: 


  1. Selling through customers’ idols/influencers is always an easy sell
  2. Artists’ fans are the target audience for our educational and healthcare services
  3. It built on its existing popularity


Eventually, will help Grandemy to low customer acquisition cost (CAC)



Luke Do: Q2. What are the main features of the project and how was it developed? Where does its core competitiveness lie? What advantages does it have that allow it to stand out in the market? From @jerry_yasser


Mamacita Super:

Thank to @jerry_yasser (https://t.me/jerry_yasser) for your question!

here are the main features of Grandemy, of course we will have more in the future

  1. CheckMe: users could check in themselves mentally, emtionally and mentally everyday, they will write their journal diary as the act of mindfulness
  2. Artist Zone: where verified artist accounts promote their art works and engage with their fandoms in a positive way
  3. Mint NFT: artist can mint photos and videos to NFT, they can withdraw and sell on other marketplace sites
  4. Need Someone to talk: where Grandemy and Grandemy community offer “sharing”, “caring” and “healing” actions to people in need
  5. Education and Health Care: free and subscription base for our users. “Hold to Earn” module is promoted, ex: holding 50 Grande tokens, users could access to full articles, recorded tutorial and lessons.



Luke Do: Thank you

Q3 Too many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, Within a short?  long time of release, Is your project also like this? From @matureboy61


Mamacita Super: Thank to @matureboy61 for your question

This is our life mission to help people improve mental strength. It’s linked to traditonal business, then we do aim profitable and sustainable growth. We don’t promise magic nor pyramid scheme.


We are a product company so we ask our investors and people to watch us grow and get rewarded when our value is increased


I hope people could differentiate us!




Luke Do: Q4. How I can use GRANDE for in Grandemy ecosystem? Is there any reward mechanism for holding GRANDE? What are the benefits of holding it in the long term? From @GenardLoic


Mamacita Super: Thank to @GenardLoic (https://t.me/GenardLoic) for your question!

There is “Hold to Earn” module, Please help us check “Hold To Earn” details in Grandemy’s whitepaper. Basically, GRANDE Holders could access to our some of premium content without paying such as: articles, recorded lessons, tutorials, artists’ activities, workshops and events, can talk to Grandemy health consultants….


GRANDE will work as loyalty program like how you all have seen in airline, hotels, many mobile app services like grab/uber etc


Apart from GRANDEMY platform, we of course work for the purpose that GRANDE token value will go up and be widely used in other platforms/communities/organizations as well, according to our current and future partnerships!




Luke Do: Q5. I believe that #Grandemy is really Great and has very big Potential to Thrive in the future. Can you please Tell me how I can do Investment with #Grandemy? Do you have any IDO or maybe presale now? From @RodolfoAcharie


Mamacita Super: Thanks to @RodolfoAcharie (https://t.me/RodolfoAcharie) for your question!!!!

We are under private sales now, we will plan on IDO once the market winter is over, so please follow us on our path!


For those of you guys who have been following Grandemy and attending our first ever AMA, please feel free to contact us for private sales!


As an act of appreciation to our early supporters!




Luke Do: Very impressive, thank you for your work.

It’s now time to take questions from our live audience.

Mamacita Super: I am extremely happy when seeing how many comments on twitter and interesting questions today

right! i am ready whenever u need


Luke Do: Please pick five original questions to answer.

Try to ignore generic, vague, and copy-paste questions ?

Ready for the live questions?

Mamacita Super: got it, ready


Luke Do: we will open chat soon





Mamacita Super: exciteddddd


Luke Do: Post your questions here guys

Mamacita Super: allow me to take some time to pick out 5 questions, guys! Thank you so so much for your support!


Okay, first one to @peter_hoyles75 

we are working on an audit certificate and definitely, “security” is a crucial factor to take care. Thanks for this question!


I am looking for the 2nd interesting question, guys, pls bear with me some time


Luke Do: Yes, please take you time

Mamacita Super: here to Theresa Maggio: “Nothing great comes as simple”, the two most powerful factors for our investors to hold GRANDE are:

– Our network of influencers /artists

– Loyalty program Grandemy offers, holders can use GRANDE tokens for real services in real life.

Hope this meets your question

From Theresa Maggio (@shanonconn)


From @miarow6364

Here to answer Mia Rowse: yes, for sure as other businesses, especially in web3, we had to delay our IDO plan which we wanted to do back in Jul. Investors find most of the projects skeptical, many Venture capital funds cut off their fund and ticket sizes. Some of our partners have to lay off their employees. 

Hence, we keep our heads high, we focus on building our product features now :))


From @emmypagac 

Here to answer Precious Russel: we use our strength in:

– product making

– sales & marketing expertise (as I shared that I have my own marketing and PR firm)

– our unique X-factors / target audience: artists / influencers and creators who can help us promote our project and community


From @vannft8

Here to answer Vanessa | NFT ARMY: Community First!

Grandemy promotes: CaaS (Community As A Service)

Because “it takes the whole community to change something”, in our case: to heal somebody mental health issue, to improve somebody’s mental wellness


there are many more interesting questions but I could not answer all during our first AMA

my apologies!


Luke Do: Thank you Colina

My warm regards to the rest of the team at the Grandemy HQ working to make this project a success!


Mamacita Super: We will try to answer you on twitter, telegram later on and of course during the next AMA


Luke Do: Amazing people! & Amazing project


Mamacita Super: thank you Luke for hosting this AMA

thank you everyone for participating in this

I and Grandemy team truly appreciate your support!


Luke Do: Stay tuned for the next AMA with us! ?

We will post AMA recap on all social channels and website shortly.


Mamacita Super: Please stay tuned and keep being a part of Grandemy community

Luke Do: The AMA with Grandemy is now over.  If you guys have any questions. Our moderators are here to support. Thank you guys!


Have a nice day.


Thank you for your nice answer Colina

?? ?? ?? ?? ??

Mamacita Super: thank you once again and have a lovely day/night to you all!

from Bali with love!

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